We are currently working in a couple of areas in Uganda.   See how you can help in one of these places.

What are we doing?

  • This is a project to provide a nutrition program in Uganda for children and babies who are at risk for starvation/malnutrition.
  • We are modeling it on the nutrition project that CAF has been supporting in Guatemala for several years. 
  • This program was started in Uganda in February this year. Our agent in Uganda is Peter Konerious. 
  • Peter is working with the local medical community in Masaka, Uganda to identify malnourished children and to help with the evaluations and the make-up of the supplements being used.

How does the program operate?

  • Identify children at risk.
  • We do a medical evaluation of the child and also an evaluation of the family.
  • The child is provided with a sufficient quantity of the formula to last for one month.
  • The child is evaluated monthly to note the progress and more formula is provided with each visit, until the problem has resolved.
  • When necessary, the family is also provided with a water filter, and medications that may be needed by the child.

What more have we done in Uganda?

  • We did a project in Kasese, Uganda to extend power lines to a small area that did not have electric power. We also provided for improvements to the home of a single mother. 

What do we need for this project?

  • We need ongoing donations to support this project. Feel free to donate just once or regularly.  We are happy for any help.