• Dominican Republic
  • Guatemala

  • The community of Chirino, Dominican Republic, had a medical clinic that, unfortunately, was shuttered several years ago, when they lost title to the land and the facility.
  • Last year they regained ownership and access to the site, which has long been abandoned and needed a lot of work.
  • They discovered that the panels in the roofing contained asbestos which needed to be removed before the building could be repaired. That was resolved in cooperation with the nearby palm oil plantation.
  • Jim and Christy Benedict (who are on the Board of Charity Anywhere Foundation) inspected the abandoned clinic two years ago.

  • A local NGO called Fundación Despertando Sonrisas (Awakening Smiles Foundation) has been overseeing the project locally.
  • The Michigan Rotary District 6360 has made a cash donation to help complete the repairs of the building.
  • The local Dominican Rotary club and other Dominican charities including Pastoral Social Caritas (of the Catholic Church) have made cash and in-kind donations. 

  • The new updated cost of this project is estimated to be about $42,508. Donations committed so far come to about $21,310.  This leaves about $21,198 yet to be raised. 
  • This money is mainly needed to equip the clinic with necessary furniture, appliances, computers and cabinets etc.

  • Charity Anywhere Foundation made a large cash donation to build a water treatment plant to provide low cost bottled water to the people of Chirino. That project was completed late last year. 
  • Once the clinic has been equipped and staffed and operational, we would consider organizing a medical/dental expedition to go there to provide care and perhaps some other projects there.

  • Donate using Venmo:  @CharityAnywhere.  Or you can mail a check to Charity Anywhere foundation, 1381 Woods Drive, Bountiful, Utah, 84010.   It is helpful to write “Chirino Clinic” on the check. 

Summary of Donations

OUR GOAL                                                             $21,198

Total Donations                                                     $2370

Total Remaining                                                    $18,828

Percentage of Goal Reached                              11.2%

(Total Donations from Give Lively)$320
Jim and Christy Benedict$600
Union City MI Rotary Club$250
Zacc Call$100
Dereck Daniels$200
Steve Bentley$100
Rachel Walton$100
Robert Brueck$200
CAF Bountiful$500