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Relief for Ecuador

Gordon Carter and Washington Zambrano worked very hard this week to organize relief supplies for Ecuador. The Ecuadorian government flew their military transport plane to Salt Lake City to pick up the 12 pallets of supplies. What an incredible experience.


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  1. Dear Gordon,
    My name is Marco V. Ávila and I am the CEO and Co-Founder of The Healing Hands Foundation (THHF). First I would like to thank you and Charity Anywhere for what you do, specifically the donation sent to Ecuador. THHF performs free medical and dental surgeries in Ecuador every year. Primarily for children, but we also treat adults. BUT the main reason for this email is to say THANK YOU for stepping up to help the Ecuadorian people.

    I hope that in the future THHF can partner with Charity Anywhere and see if we can help each other. We have two fixed medical/dental missions annually ((Ecuador in the Spring (8 years) and Guatemala in the Fall (12 years)). We have been all over Latin America, Asia and Africa. THHF has over 300 medical volunteers throughout USA ready to volunteer.

    We just returned from Ecuador on our 8th medical mission. Our team was able to perform 73 medical surgeries on 59 patients. We were able to leave Ecuador on the last airplane before they shut down the airports. All our THHF volunteers were able to return to the USA safe (now they are in the front line fighting COVID-19 and making a difference at home)

    I hope we can get a chance to chat in the near future and see how we can help each other. PLEASE stay safe and healthy.

    I have cc: our THHF-Ecuador President-Maria Del Lourdes Bonilla (Lula) should you need any assistance/help coordinating in Ecuador.

    Marco V. Ávila, P.E.
    CEO & Co-Founder
    The Healing Hands Foundation
    Healing Our World… One Child at a Time!
    443.519.6909 Cell #

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