gordon on October 29th, 2014

Below is a report from the Incaperina Program.  Success is evident from the pictures.

gordon on October 5th, 2014
The singing group Beyond 5 from Nashville, Tennessee helped load donations for the street kids in Bogota Colombia.  The donations included 40 hygiene kits and 20 pairs of boys shoes and 20 pairs of girls shoes.  The donations were distributed this week in Bogota.  Beyond 5 is from Nashville, Tennessee.  Check out their website HERE.
gordon on September 15th, 2014
Oct. 1-3 - Navajo indian reservation in northern Arizona.  deliver needed goods to individual senior citizens on the Navaj  o reservation.  Diapers, coats, sweaters, towels, paper products, school supplies, shoes, clothing, wet wipes, bed pads, eye glasses, tooth paste, 3
Nov. 21-29 Santa Clara, Ecuador.  construction crew to build homes and a dental office.  Open
Nov. 19-22 rosariao,MX – Construction
Nov. 22-29 rosarito, MX – Construction
Dec. 1-9 - Pujo State Government officials visit SLC
Dec. 20-26 - rosarito,MX – Santa claus and construction
Dec. 26-Jan. 2 - rosarito, MX – construction, education and eye glasses project
Mar. 7=14 -Otavalo, Ecuador – Medical, dental and construction
Mar. 7-14 - Rosarito, MX construction
May. 9-16  Santa Clara, Ecuador – Dental
June. 8-13 – rosarito, MX construction
JUly 11-18 - Xalapa, MX construction project
Aug. 8-15 – Santa Clara, Ecuador – construction project.
Aug. 8-15 – Rosarito, MX. construction
gordon on August 30th, 2014

Good day Mr.Carter,

I just got back from my trip to Tijuana, Mexico and I had the best experience ever! I met Erin and everyone else who was with me the same week! Everyone was very kind, good and caring towards me and I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing experience !!! I learned so much and I made everlasting friendships !!!  We did constructions including the rebuilding of a soccer field of a catholic school, renovating two rooms in an orphanage and building the basics for a home! I also assisted two dentists in cleaning and extraction of teeth. I am sending you some pictures so you can see what we did this week!!!
gordon on August 6th, 2014
Another eagle scout project completed.
Collected used English and Spanish school books, classics.  Clean, box and categorize. These would be delivered to poor Mexican School libraries.